Breath Wellness Strategy

Coherent Breathing

Coherent Breathing is a fabulous technique. You can download on your phone the App called “Do As One” which gives you a metronome to breathe with or on your computer you can go to to see the clock.

The goal with coherent breathing is to breathe five breaths per minute. This typically means breathing IN to the count of 6 seconds as you INHALE and breathing out to the count of 6 seconds as you EXHALE so that a single breath takes about 12 seconds and you end up doing about 5 breaths per minute.

Coherent breathing coordinates the heart and thoracic pumps, it improves heart health, and switches off sympathetic dominance in the autonomic nervous system, helping to alleviate stress responses.

Side note here- if you have a lot of anxiety, better to begin this breathing technique after you’ve relaxed the body with another breath technique or through yoga or meditation, etc..

This technique is best done sitting up and for a duration of 2-5 minutes, breathing in and out the nose.

The balanced state coherent breathing creates is something the body naturally wants to achieve, you just have to create the conditions and let your body settle into it.

I like having open the Do As One App when I do this practice because you can Log In to the Universal Page and see who else is doing it with you all over the world!


For more information, check out Dr. Richard Brown or Stephen Elliot

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